If I could do it in three months, so can you

Woman sitting in front of an open laptop in a café, smiling
Woman sitting in front of an open laptop in a café, smiling
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Landing your first digital marketing role isn’t about having experience. It’s about knowing how to play the hiring game.

Three months before graduating from college, I made the overwhelming decision to switch careers. While it was frustrating that I decided this so late, I was more concerned about my chances of employment.

How could I land a decent, full-time position with zero experience?

I didn’t know much about this new field, but I did know a lot about the hiring process. Because of my recruiting internship experiences, I knew what hiring managers looked for.

I spent the next three months…

Why celebrating your birthday amidst a global pandemic will be the best one yet.

Girl holding balloons and smiling
Girl holding balloons and smiling
Photo by Siavash Ghanbari on Unsplash

This pandemic can’t ruin your birthday, but your perception will.

COVID-19 has made it harder than ever to make any type of plans. With new regulations being lifted, to then immediately become enforced again, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed keeping up with what you can or can’t do can these days.

No, you probably won’t throw that big celebration with friends, book that plane ticket out of the country, or even eat at your favorite restaurant this year. But before you start thinking about canceling your birthday, let me tell you right now:

Your birthday this year is going to…

Because facing the reality of things is how you’ll stay sane through this pandemic

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I’ve been in quarantine for over two months now, and I’ve witnessed two prevailing schools of thought during this time.

On one side, some will claim:

It’s okay to live day-by-day. There’s no use in planning for tomorrow if things are always changing. Just focus on the now and how to get through today.

And on the opposite spectrum, others will argue:

It’s go time! Stop being lazy! Now is the time to brush up on new skills and take on all those side projects you’ve put off. You should come out of this 10x better!

Sound familiar?

If you’ve…

How inspiration helped me push through self-doubt.

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Photo by Kaitlyn Baker

Growing up, I actually never enjoyed writing.

Probably not the most popular opinion here on Medium, but it was the truth.

I found myself always struggling to finish a writing assignment, taking outrageous amounts of time to complete a short paper.

I would write a sentence, read it, shake my head, and hit the backspace button. Review what I had written, write a new sentence, feel like it was worse, and hit the backspace again.

I drove myself in circles doubting my choice of words and rewriting sentences that later made little difference.

It was easy to believe that writing…

Especially if you’re new to the workforce

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Photo by fauxels on Pexels

If you were anything like me entering the workforce, you couldn’t wait to ramp up quickly and show your worth.

One of my first jobs was working for a marketing agency. I was ecstatic about this opportunity but also uneasy about how little I knew compared to the rest of the team. To prove my worth, I knew I had some catching up to do.

A few ways I tried doing this included…

  • Spending my weekends researching and learning on my own.
  • Working late at the office.
  • Attending every marketing conference I was invited to.
  • Starting my own creative and…

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